Agios Pavlos | Thyme Honey (450g)

Agios Pavlos | Thymianhonig (450ml)

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The Honey

Thyme honey is considered as a high quality honey. Crete’s thyme honey in comparison to other parts of Greece has a dark orange color. It is intensely aromatic with a high nutritional value and it's widely recognized for its tonic and antiseptic properties. Τhe Greek islands and particularly Crete are amongst the best thyme honey producing areas.

The History

Since antiquity honey has been a basic source of nutrition. Honey is abundant in nature and used both for consumption and for the treatment of various diseases. Nowadays, its value is recognized all over the world. Honey offers necessary nutritional elements for the body provided in the most natural way.

The Producer

Nikos Papadakis carried on his family's tradition and has been engaged in beekeeping since a young age; producing pure honey from beehives in his birthplace in Southern Crete and  the village of Saktouria in Agios Vasileios. With his personal care, attention and love of nature he has united all his products under the brand name “Agios Pavlos” delivering to consumers all the strength, the nutritional value and the therapeutic effects of honey.


General Details

Agios Pavlos

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