Anoskeli I Olive Oil, EVOO Early Harvest, 5 Liters

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) von Anoskeli im 5 Liter Kanister


General Details


Olive Oil Nutritional Value (per 100ml)

825 Kcal
92 g of which
- saturates:
13 g
- mono-unsaturates:
73 g
- poly-unsaturates:
6.0 g
0.0 g of which

Olive Oil Quality Characteristics

< = 0.7 %
< = 20 meq O2/kg




Company Profile


Anoskeli Agricultural Company S.A. was founded in 1983 by the Mamidakis family and named after their birthplace, Anoskeli, a small village near Chania, Crete. The village nowadays hosts the Company’s privately owned premises including a state of the art olive oil plant and a “boutique” winery as well as privately owned olive groves of 122.333 m2 with 2.888 olive trees and 17.000 m2 of vineyards. The Company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications and operates under strict EU and Greek standards.

The olive oil plant spans over a 400 m2 area including modern machinery, a fully automated bottling line, standardization facility and a purpose-built warehouse with stainless steel tanks of an aggregate 1000 tons storage capacity.

The winery is housed in a 600 m2 area including modern standardization facility and bottling line, as well as a cellar of 35.000 lt storage capacity and 30 French oak barrels. 

Traditionally, Anoskeli S.A., produces packages and trades, under the brand name “ANOSKELI”, extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil that is derived from cold-pressed olives of “Koroneiki” variety. Both products bear a Kolymvari Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) indication and have been awarded on multiple occasions.

As of 2011 Anoskeli S.A. produces, bottles and trades high quality wine under the trade name “ANO PLAYA” (dry white, dry red and dry roze) of Greek (Vidiano, Vilana & Asirtiko) and French (Syrah, Grenanche Rouge & Cabernet Sauvignon) varieties. The Company constantly experiments with new flavors in an effort to unravel the numerous possibilities offered by the Cretan soil in Anoskeli and its surrounding areas.

Anoskeli S.A. has recently launched a limited edition range of red wine labeled “ANOFERIA” as well as a premium tsikoudia (raki) under the brand name “ANO KATO”.

The Company facilities are open to the public all year round offering fully guided tours by specialized personnel that give a first-hand experience of olive oil production and winemaking. The recently built tasting-exhibition hall gives visitors the opportunity to taste its products while at the same time it can host artistic and cultural events.





History & Heritage


Anoskeli is a small rural village located at an altitude of 250m, covered in olive groves, vineyards, lemon and orange trees. In the small village of Anoskeli, the Mamidakis siblings were born, at a time of scarce resources and dim prospects for the future. Defying all obstacles they managed to educate themselves and move to Athens in order to build a new life from scratch. During the 60’s, under the leadership of older brothers Kyriakos, Georgios and Nikolaos, the family became actively involved in the petroleum sector and gradually founded one of the largest petroleum trading companies in Greece. Despite increasing success in all their various entrepreneurial activities, the family remained true to its place of origin and to its traditions.

Olive oil production has been a family tradition practiced for more than three generations. In 1983 ANOSKELI S.A. was founded, while in 1988 the village's old olive mill was bought and reconstructed for private use. At that time, olive oil production was undertaken as a continuation of the family tradition and as a “hobby” in order to cover the needs of family and friends.

Gradually, local farmers started to bring in their olives for elision. As time went by production volumes increased and the reputation of ANOSKELI’S extra virgin olive oil grew in popularity. In 2004 Anoskeli S.A. decided to proceed with a second reconstruction of the olive oil plant and to purchase its first bottling machine. With time, the family also expanded its agricultural activities into the production of Cretan wine by cultivating vineyards scattered around the village of Anoskeli. Ιn 2009 a winery plant was built, further reconstruction of the olive oil plant was concluded as well as an extension to house a modern bottling line and new machinery. The offices and Wine Tasting room were finalized only in 2014.

Anoskeli S.A. has managed to construct a technologically advanced olive oil factory and a modern boutique winery and to trade its products in Greek and international markets thus honoring and promoting the family’s birthplace.

Despite the increase in production volumes and the growth in the business activity, Anoskeli S.A. remains a fully family-run business with a focus on excellent quality, traditional values and support of the local society.




  • Bronze medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2018 in London, UK
    for ANOSKELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil - April 2018
  • Extra Gold award at the 23rd Internationl BIOL competition in Bari, Italy
    for BIO ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - March 2018
  • Bronze medal at the 3rd Athena International Olive Oil Competition in Delphi, Greece
    for ANOSKELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil - March 2018
  • Honorary Distinction at the 4th Cretan Olive Oil Competition in Rethymnon, Crete
    for BIO ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - March 2018
  • Silver medal at the 22nd International BiOL competition in Ostuni, Italy
    for ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - March 2017
  • Bronze Award at the 8th Aristion 2016 London Olive Oil competition
    for the ANOSKELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Quality award of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016)
  • Silver medal at the 20th International BIOL competition in Citta di Andria, Italy
    for the ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – March 2015
  • Silver medal at the 18th International BIOL competition in Citta di Andria, Italy
    for the ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – March 2013
  • Silver medal at the 17th International BIOL competition in Citta di Andria, Italy
    for the ANOSKELI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – March or April 2012
  • Silver Medal distinction
    for the ANOSKELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the International New York Olive Oil competition – April 2013







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