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Gaea Abat I Wild organic Oregano, 30 g

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In the mountains of Greece grown from wild plants, cultivated, harvested by hand and gently processed according to old methods. The intense smell and incredible taste lingers in the can for a very long time. Open, remove the seal - at first this smell combined with the taste an incomparably intense. Practical, good looking and valuable can.


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Gaea Abat

Gaea Abat Herbs

After a 15 year career in the field of business as a Financial Analyst, I decided to pursue my passion: cultivating land. After travelling, walking, smelling and tasting the delights of my country, I discovered the priceless wealth of our unique Greek herbs. Soon after, I made the decision to cultivate wild, organic oregano and wild, organic thyme (DIO inspection and certification organization of organic products - code 21051150075). You may wonder why. Well, not only do both these traditional herbs tantalise the taste buds and excite our sense of smell but also offer nutritional value due to their healing properties.
  The next step; the quest for my ideal plot of land. The family run business “Gaea Abat” started in the spring of 2014 when we planted, one by one, the herb shoots at the foot of Mount. Ziria, Trikala at 700 meters altitude by hand. We watched the herbs develop in suitable soil under the heat of the sun and the cool of the evening that the mountain offers and the rich ingredients of the natural spring, the biodiversity due to its olive groves and fruitful vine yards that the estate offers. Two years later in 2016 we are now holding the fruits of our labor. We picked and ground the herbs using traditional methods, by hand, as we did throughout the whole process showing great respect towards mother nature. Finally, we packed our herbs using aesthetically pleasing and quality design recyclable packaging so as to maintain and preserve their unmistakable taste, aroma and property.
  We want to be us, those who will take you on this sensory experience with excellent quality in your daily life.



Avataggelos Kimon

Trikala Korinthos, Greece
0030 6972038664
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