Honey and quality


Our Honeys are nature products and really different in look and taste between the varieties and production year. Take a journey through the different tastes, compare the honeys from different Countries and find your favorite.
Cheap honey often conceals bad quality. By heating it is easier to process, the crystallization is prevented but important ingredients are destroyed. The weight could be influenced by adding water. You could not see where the honey come from and what´s happened there in environmental protection. The mixture of those different honeys give you "a mixed taste" without any special flavor.                                             
It is like any other food, if I know from whom I buy it, if I trust the source, I surely do nothing wrong! And whoever thinks the honey is produced with little effort – because all the work are done by the bees - should talk with a beekeeper. Cultivation of the beehive, health of the bee people, processing of the honey, filling to sale. All this takes time. It needs fun and pleasure in working with animals where not always everything runs as desired.

And - on top - stitches are cost free.


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Honey and quality


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