Honey specialties


A good honey is naturally something special. In addition to the natural taste differences in honey, there are a lot of interesting new taste compositions. We call them specialties with honey.

Many combinations with further flavors are very attractive. They put an interesting flavorful counterpoint to the sweetness of the honey. As an example, Honey with the sharpness of Habanero-chili’s, or Ginger, the Tonka bean -  all of that unfolds it´s own incomparable aroma in honey -  they become ideal partners with a new taste.

Do not use those honey varieties necessarily and only with bread or tea. Use it in salad dressing, with cheese, as a part of marinades, and don´t forget the BBQ. Honey is an excellent product in cooking. Binding sauces, flavoring food, marinating fish and meat and as sweetening anyway. In every using our specialties with honey they unfold their special aroma and produce a new taste in your meal.

Try out the following honey specialities with:  ginger, fig, chili, Tonka bean, chocolate pepper

Let yourself be inspired.



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