Purchasing advice


In addition to the above references to dyed olives, please have particular attention to the avoidance of

  • Preservatives
  • Flavor enhancers

Worth knowing abiuoPreservatives are superfluous if olives are airtight packaged you could use them for a long time. Also open glasses remain fresh for months in the refrigerator when the olives are covered with lake or oil. And taste enhancers do not testify the quality of the olives and preparation. Only natural products will bring you the benefits you deserve!

Tip: If you have used the olives in oil, the glass is empty, then use the oil for cooking for salad or noodles it´s a really good taste, prevents the sticking of noodles and on top you can flavored the oil with cut olives, garlic, chili or other fresh spices. We are sure you like it. It look´s good and the taste is as you want!


Worth knowing about olives

Purchasing advice

Olives – They are still healthy

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