Important Purchasing Tips


Please make sure you have the following necessary information when making your purchase:


  • Description, classification, quality level
    The names Extra Vergine (Italian), Virgen Extra (Spanish), Extra Virgin (Engl.), Vierge Extra (French), or Extra Virgin (Portuguese) correspond to the English native olive oil extra.
  • Origin
  • Olive variety
  • Harvest time, for example, early harvest (early harvest link??) has a more intense flavor. This may not be for everyone’s taste buds but it is well-liked by many and it is an appropriate ingredient in many dishes because of its intense flavor. Olive oil is healthy in every case, especially if the quality is right!
  • Last but not least, an appropriate price. Good oil is just expensive as good wine.
    The care of the plants, the effort during harvest and processing determine the quality of the product and thus the price.

The quality and special health effects of a first class olive oil is one that you can smell, taste and experience during long-term use.


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