Salt is the most consumed mineral in human nutrition. The amounts of salt are important for the water balance of the body, the nervous system, the digestion and the bone structure. We must balance the natural loss (sweating) of salt by about 5 grams per day. But 5 or 6 times more may be needed if our body have high stress by climate, work or something similar.
The amount of salt in our body is monitored by hormones. If the salt content is too high, the body eliminates unnecessary amounts with body fluid. The result of those action – our body fluid are less. Based on that we get thirsty until the salt and water balance are again on the right level.
If the salt concentration in our body decreases too much, there is no longer a feeling of thirst - we do not drink and our body dries out. That is why we have to pay attention to our salt, mineral and fluid resources! Provide your body enough liquid like mineral water to avoid dehydration with all its effects.
On the other hand: too much salt in the body leads to a binding of fluid which together with other causes and effects in the body can lead to death. On this way there arise heart and circulatory diseases, increased blood pressure and other problems.


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Remember: Salt is an important substance for our body.
You can get very easy too much salt, because there is salt in a lot of Food like bread, sausage, sauces and all kind of fast food.

You can also lost very easy salt and fluid. With sports, hard work, walk in a desert, holiday in a hot area or special climate situations.

Salt – an important substance of our lives


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Salt - substance of life

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