Salt - substance of life


Salt the white gold – since ancient times salt is known as an important substance. Babylonians, Sumerians, Romans used salt as a spice and made their food durable by using salt as a preservative. Salt was coveted and rare in many regions. Especially in regions fare away from the sea with its natural salt content.

  • It was found and extracted from seawater, rock deposits and salt deserts.

  • Because it was so rare, salt was used as a means of payment and exchange. It was transported on „salt roads". On this roads, salt find its way in the loneliest spot of the old world.


Try out spicy sea salt with herbs...


Salt made prosperous or better realm because it was a rare good that everyone needed.
Today, salt is an ever-available substance which is vital to humans. We need salt to regulate the hydration of our bodies, the nervous system, the digestion and last but not least for our bones. Salt controls our thirst, supplies us with minerals, is a preservative and is used in the kitchen. The times of rare and expensive are over but salt is any time an important part of our life -  because life without salt is not possible.


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Salt - substance of life

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