Types of salt

Salt essentially consists of sodium and chloride. Natural varieties are very popular, based on their content of many minerals and trace elements. Basically 4 varieties of salt are distinguished.

  • Sea salt, from sea water.
  • Rock salt from salt deposits in salt mines
  • Boiled spring water or other water fluids to extract the salt, as seawater or through a well.
  • Saline salt


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All natural salts have their origin in seawater. Rock salts and salt deserts are remnants or deposits of "dried" seas. In contrast to a refined, industrially produced salt, natural salts have a variety of different minerals and trace elements. In the inexpensive refined salts, based on sodium and chloride, are only substances used which facilitate the use and processing. Or they are fulfilled with certain tasks, as an example Iodine, to compensate consumer’s deficits. The range of minerals and trace elements of a natural salt are not included.
The taste of a salt is made up of these additional substances and makes it unique. Origin, salt production and processing are the parameters that affect salt quality, taste and the ultimately enjoyment.


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Salt - substance of life

Types of salt

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