The "right" wine glass

Glass is not the same as glass! While different shapes and sizes play an important role in drinking, flavor and taste, production and related raw materials are crucial to the use and quality of glass. Thus, different surfaces in the glass can influence the drinking pleasure just as much as the glass shapes. Our perception of existing aromas and our personal taste based on using the "right" glass. This is true. Not only for wine also for whiskey, there are many different types of glasses to achieve specific taste experiences.

The right wine glass supports the perception of the flavors and taste of the wine.
Fill the glass to about a 1/3. Because the wine can unfold its aromas and also the drinking temperature remains long in the desired range, even with slow consumption. If you swing the glass with the wine, oxygen goes into the wine. The wine unfolds its individual aromas and taste.

3 types of glass are needed:

A red wine glass, the Bordeaux glass (usually a bulging larger glass)
A white wine glass, the Chardonnay glass (finer and slimmer than a red wine glass)
A champagne glass, a slim glass (with a small opening to reduce the loss of bubbles and small quantity to keep the temperature in the right range)

These glasses must be of reasonable quality. Of course, you can spend a lot of money on wine glasses - but does it always bring a noticeable improvement?
If you are a wine expert you can taste the different based on another glass and then you could buy some new to get the whole pleasure.                                                          

Everyone as he likes.




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