Young red and white wines are put into a carafe with a flat, wide base. This gives the wine a large contact surface for the oxygen. Through this contact with the oxygen, the young wines can unfold better and bring out its aromas. The filling can be carried out quickly, since young wines still have no wine deposits which look unattractive in the glass and also change the taste.

Older red wines are decanted. The wine is carefully transferred to a suitable carafe. The supply of oxygen is not the goal. Therefore, rather narrow openings of the carafe are preferred. The transfer of the wine depot, a powdery, dark sediment of tannin dyestuffs and vinous stone, is to be avoided. The wine deposits in the glass looks not only unattractive, it also affects the taste negatively. It is helpful to place the bottle vertically before use, and the suspended particles are allowed to settle at the bottom of the bottle as a sediment. It needs one day and this makes the filling of the Carafe easier.






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