Serving temperature

The right temperature is important for the taste. Young, light and fresh wines needs it cooler. So that the wine also maintains the right temperature at table use a wine cooler for the bottle. Depending on the type and model they are watered (clay), cooled in the freezer or put the white wines and Champagne on Ice.

  • White wine need temperature between 8 - 12 degrees C.                                                    
  • Place the bottle 3-5 hours before serving in the refrigerator - you get the best result.
  • Red wines like 14 - 18 degrees C.    

If the wine is stored at room temperature, it can be placed in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to reach the optimum drinking temperature. 

If the wine is cool from the cellar, bring it a few hours before serving into the room. The temperature increases than by about 2 degrees per hour.
Wrong wine temperature, too warm or too cold, is bad for taste!




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