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Bottles, in particular with natural corks, are stored in a horizontal position, since otherwise the cork dried. Thereby it is shrinking and the wine gets Oxygen. Therefor the wine age faster, thus destroying aromas and taste. It is the same with open bottles or glasses. Too much oxygen starts the aging process.                                    
After opening the bottle and before the enjoyment, oxygen is desired for the development of aromas and taste, especially by younger wines but uncontrolled and long-term influence changes the wine to a really bad and at least not drinkable one.
The ideal storage temperature is about 10 degrees C at a dark place. Because heat and light permanently influence the wine in the bottle. If there is a cellar, no problem - but without? Take an unheated room and leave the wine in the closed box. Then it does not get any light on the bottles and if you lay down the box also the question of the wet cork is solved.


Of course, a special wine refrigerator combined with the right glass for drinking are the optimum. Different temperature zones, with filtered air, stored with low vibration - even over a longer period - if the wine is suitable for this purpose. That`s the best.   
If you have pleasure in wine, make your "right" decision.



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