Varieties’ of wine – the right one?

A suitable wine accompaniment completes a good meal and makes it a taste experience. But which one and why?
The variety of wines is enormous. Different grape varieties, soil conditions, climatic conditions, regions, differences in cultivation and processing, as Cuvee/Blend or  only one grape variety ......

Here a small view in the world of wine:


A grape variety with a long tradition, especially in Germany. With its mineral and fruit aromas of peach, grapefruit, apple and pineapple, this wine goes well with fish, seafood light appetizers, but also enhances the taste experience in crisp and Asian dishes. Serving temperature: 8 - 10 degrees C

A grape variety from the small village of Chardonnay in Burgundy, France, which has spread worldwide. The color of these wines is yellow to slightly greenish with aromas of walnut, lemon and melon. The wine is excellent with poultry, veal, salmon, shellfish, mushrooms and soft cheese.
Serving temperature: 8 - 10 degrees C


Find here an overview over our white wines...

Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc stands for fruity white wines. Well chilled with fruity taste the entry for beginners and a treat even for advanced wine lovers. There are wines of this grape in different quality. The "cheap" New Zealander or "high-quality" Frenchman - all have their peculiarities.                                                                                                        
Serving temperature: 8 - 10 degrees C

Green Veltliner
As a robust grape variety, it is very common among in Austria. A peppery white wine that goes well with vegetables, wok, herbs but of course also with Austrian specials as dumplings and schnitzel.
Serving temperature: 8 - 10 degrees C

Vidiano is a variety mainly found, in small acreage, around the area of Rethymnon in Crete. It produces intense wines with light green colour, complex and also individual fruit aromas of apricot, peach, hints of aromatic herbs and minerality. The moderately acidity keep the balance to the level of alcohol.  
Serving temperature: 8 - 10 degrees C

Pinot Noir
This red vine is also known as Blue Burgundy or Spätburgunder. The young once with notes of berries or cherries, if it gets older you found forest soil or licorice as the flavors. It is strong and a good companion to venison, duck or intense pot roast.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18 degrees C


Click here to find our red wines...

This grape and wine finds worldwide distribution. The wine is velvety with dark red color and aromas of cherries, plums and berries as well as spicy notes like cloves or cinnamon. Originally from France this red wine goes well with beef and stews but also venison and hard cheese.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18 degrees C

Syrah or also called Shiraz is a world-wide popular red wine with intensive, spicy berry taste which can be also bittersweet. Aromas such as cherry violets, herbs, liquorice or humus characterize this wine.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18 degrees C


These are our rosé wines...

Port wine
The white or red sweet wine from Portugal takes its name from the port city of Porto. The growing area for the port wine is set by law. Only grapes from this region may call themselves, after a special processing with a high proportion of residual sugar, port. It is a nice companion with its sweet taste for nuts, desserts and dried fruits.
Serving temperature: The white wine loves 10 degrees C and the red one 16 - 18 degrees

Dessert wine
It's amazing, who think sweet desserts are not compatible with sweet wine have to try it. There is an interaction between both. That's why there are a variety of dessert wines that offer their taste and special sweetness for a combination with a dish to enjoy.

There are a lot of other varieties like Tempranillo from Spain, Sangiovese/ Brunello from Italy, Müller-Thurgau, Domina, Dornfelder from Germany. Too much to list them all, but taste and be sure you find your favorite.

Caution: Wine could become a challenge or hobby of your life.





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