Wine label


It is not easy with the different information’s and details on the wine bottle label

  • The vintage, when was the wine made
  • The grape, from which the wine was produced
  • The origin, the country, the region
  • The winemaker, who has produced / bottled the wine
  • Alcohol content and others

If you enjoy wine, learn to see the different on the label. To find the right one for you try different wines from different grapes, regions, winemakers and of course talk to them, your supplier or use different information channels.

You have to learn, it needs time to access this topic and at least it is a never ending story. Wine is nature product and every year changes the climate, quantity of rain and lots of other things that made every wine to special experience.

It`s a long way to become an wine expert, but for sure you could enjoy it!




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Wine label
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