Wine tasting

Fill the right wine glass maximum about a third, swing the glass slightly so that the wine gets air and then pick up the smell from the glass with your nose.

The scent remind you at something?  Flowers / Fruits / Spices / Tobacco / Wood - everything is possible. Then drink the wine in small sips which you keep in the mouth, let them run over the tongue and swallow.
Exactly now aromas and taste come together. Find the major smell and taste but don’t forget all the different aromas in the background. Find them and also the right words to describe them. Take time for that, do it slow and often - see what´s happened.

Compare wines of the same quality or increase the quality and recognize the differences of this natural product.

"Only practice makes perfect".

Be sure tastings never stopped. Every year with its climatic conditions gives the wine its own flavors. The same wine and winemaker does not guarantee the same taste! And it is not enough to try new varieties you must also check your favorites of the last year in its new edition. Nature offers us surprises which can make you happy.




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Wine tasting




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