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Vidiano  “White Diva”

The unique white variety of Crete with special roots from Rethymno. Vidiano is the most famous representative of the Cretan vineyard and is considered, not unfairly, as the white "diva" of Crete. The colour of this wine is bright pale yellow-green. A complex aroma of fruits and notes of minerality complete the bouquet of the wine. Its creamy flavor, the minerality of the wine as well as the balanced acidity can be distinguished in the mouth. The aftertaste is long lasting and intense.

It is served at 8°C – 10° C and accompanies perfectly seafood, meat cooked in white sauce and a wide variety of cheese.

12 % Vol, Dry

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The Klados Winery is a family run: a rapidly growing winery based in their brand-new facilities complete with modern equipment. It is located in the village of Skepasti in the Mylopotamos region, just 20 km from Rethymno town.

The red wine is made from the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, and the local variety’s Syrah, Kotsifali and Liatiko.

The whites are from Sauvignon blanc, and the local variety’s Vidiano and Vilana. They are a boutique winery and strive to make superior quality wines that would intrigue our demanding consumers with their complex aromas, attractive colors and great tastes.

The winery is surrounded by our new organic vineyard, planted with the famous Rethymnian white grape variety of ''Vidiano''.





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