Papadeas | Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)

(€2,20 pro 100 mL)
delivery time: 7-10 Days

A few words about our Balsamic.

Made with joy and care at every stage of production, the Balsamic Messino is a product with full and distinctive flavor. The familiar to us all, Glykadi with the sweet distinctive flavor, the intense dark red color, is made from wine vinegar and concentrated must of excellent quality matures in wooden barrels like good old wine. Just a few drops are enough to complete a distinctive flavor in your food.

Intense dark color,
Sweet with a balanced acidity

Clarity: bright

Color: deep brown

Odor: persistance

Taste: slightly sweet and sour, balanced


General Details


Tabelle Nährwerte Papadeas Balsamico Essig braun_EN.pdf (Tabelle_Nährwerte_Papadeas_Balsamico_Essig_braun_EN.pdf, 30 Kb) [Download]

Nutritional Values Papadeas Balsamico Vinegar_EN.pdf (Nutritional_Values_Papadeas_Balsamico_Vinegar_EN.pdf, 30 Kb) [Download]

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