Papadeas I Balsamic Pearls, 50 ml [CLONE]

(€19,80 pro 100 mL)
delivery time: 7-10 Days

White Balsamic Pearls

Pearls created from white balsamic vinegar, exclusively made from Greek varieties of concentrated grape must. Balsamic Pearls go through a special and demanding process to be transformed into small jelly balls with a thin outer layer and a juicy core. In this way, vinegar returns to its initial shape; to grapes’ rounded shape, that bursts in your mouth releasing its unique flavor.
Highly recommended on special dishes of poultry and fish, exceptional salads, impressive desserts and cocktails. Taste the difference!

Balsamic Pearls, even more refined and pure from the classics, are an essential element of molecular gastronomy, a high-end, gourmet product made for demanding customers.


General Details





Family story

Our products Messino are strictly a family affair that starts in 1974…

The first in the history of this family’s business, our grandfather Panagiotis Papadeas begins the production of vinegar the old fashion way, in oak barrels while using wines collected exclusively from the peloponesian wine estates. Later he passes the knowledge and the techniques to his son and todays owner Dionysios Papadeas.

In 1984 , Dionysios Papadeas representing the second generation of the family takes over the vneger factory and moves the production facility to a new location in the industrial area of Kalamata. 

Heading into today, our company has updated the production methodology with respect to the quality standards of our family business. The simple vinegar named Glukadi (or sweet) from grandfather Panagiotis has given its place too the balsamic vinegar with honey, the balsamic creams and the white Vinegar with the herbs from the Messenian landscape.

Our story continues as we head to the future with confidence and joined by the 3rd generation of Panos (Panagiotis) and Konstantina who are the grandchildren of the founder. With the appropriate respect to the old traditions of the small Greek business combined with the technological advancements of the international markets, the young Papadeas will attempt to grow internationally with our products and our “meraki” (with love and enthusiasm”) Our motto “Taste the difference” and our 40 years family history guide our every step.

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